We strive to do better for our environment, our community and our people because it's what's right. Why would a company in 2016 operate any other way? And we do so on a daily basis because we believe that doing good is also good for business. Sustainability is in our DNA and ingrained in all that we do: from our "green" office building and paid bike-to-work program, to engagement with our staff, the communities we belong to, and society as a whole.

It is this approach that guides how we do business with our clients and partners. Our multi-talented team of advertising professionals practice the art of influence for social good through compelling campaigns and brand experiences.

Our mindset and approach has earned us recognitions from around the world:

  • Canada's first B Corporation-certified full-service advertising agency
  • Canada's first Carbon Neutral-certified ad agency
  • Winner of the 'Best in the World for Worker Impact'
  • Honouree of Canada's prestigious CSR award, the Clean50 for our CEO, Howard Chang

In building fame for the brands we love, we believe people will make healthier and more sustainable lifestyle choices.

Green Building

In line with our commitment to environmentally responsible business practices, we have incorporated leading-edge, sustainable building strategies into our entire office space. Not only are we 100% Bullfrog Powered, and have been for many years, we also use recycled and reclaimed materials wherever possible, including glulam wood beams, and barn board floors and feature walls. We chose 90% recycled aluminum cladding for the exterior, and our VRV HVAC system is the most efficient available. Abundant natural light is supplemented by ultra low wattage LED lighting. Even our TV production studio lighting uses LED, enabling us to produce 1,000 watts of light with just 56 watts! Topping off our efforts is our green roof and community garden, where our employees have the option to grow — and eat! — fresh veggies.

Green Roof

Top Drawer caps off our goal to achieve 100% carbon neutral and LEED platinum certifications by partnering with the City of Toronto's Eco-Roof Incentive Program to equip our building with a green roof. Providing surprising benefits to both building and environment health, our 125 m2 green roof consists of 100 mm of top soil and a root barrier that protects the actual roof's waterproofing membrane. Planted in the top soil is an easy-to-maintain and drought-tolerant native sedum (a low-growing class of succulents) which provides habitat for wildlife, keeps the building cool, and cleans the surrounding air. Annually, our green roof will reduce GHG emissions by 271 kg of CO2, reduce energy consumed by 4-20 kWh per m2, and divert 65,545 L of storm water from the municipal system. On top of all that, the green roof has become a popular hangout spot for some of our favourite neighbours — bees!

Top Drawer CEO, Howard Chang, was named to the 2015 Clean50 — a list of the 50 most responsible and progressive citizens in Canada. Previous recipients include Dalton McGuinty and Galen Weston. The Clean50 Awards are announced annually by Delta Management Group to recognize 50 individuals or small teams, from 16 different categories, who have done the most to advance the cause of sustainability and clean capitalism in Canada. Howard's recognition was based on Top Drawer's commitment to 100% green energy; our paid bike-to-work program; progress in converting client media buys from paper to digital; and an intentional decision to focus on the social causes, health, nutrition, green energy, adventure sports, fitness and active lifestyle categories.

In January 2014, Top Drawer joined the ranks of global brands like Patagonia, and Canadian leaders Bullfrog Power and Genuine Health, as one of the fewer than 900 companies worldwide to earn B Corp certification. In Canada, there are less than 110 certified B Corps throughout seven provinces, and Top Drawer is the first dedicated full-service advertising agency in the country to receive this blue-chip seal of approval for corporate social and environmental responsibility. B Corp certification is a 100% transparent measure of a company's social and environmental impact. For 2015 we scored a 90, against a B Impact Assessment median score of 80, with particularly high scores in categories that measure worker equity and environmental commitment. We earned high points for being 100% powered by green energy; our ongoing practice of donating up to 10% of billable hours to social cause based clients; as well as making significant contributions to local charities.

In 2014, we were one of 80 companies worldwide recognized for creating the highest quality jobs by the non-profit B Lab and their release of the 'B Corp Best for Workers' list. This analysis includes metrics regarding compensation and benefits, health and wellness programs, parent-friendly flex time and leave policies, professional development and internal promotion, corporate culture, profit sharing and ownership opportunities. The 'B Corp Best for Workers' list honours businesses that earned a worker impact score in the top 10% of all Certified B Corporations on the B Impact Assessment. Honourees were recognized among micro, small, and mid-sized businesses.

Smart Commute is a Metrolinx program that helps local employers and commuters explore different commute choices. Top Drawer has twice been recognized with the 'Employer of the Year' award. But it was by no means an about-face for us. In his belief that making the right commuting choices can drastically improve work-life balance, our CEO had established a bike-to-work program in 2003 where the agency actually pays staff members a subsidy per day to commute by bike. Our building, located in Toronto's Beach neighbourhood, is complete with shower facilities, lockers and indoor bike storage. Over 40% of Top Drawer employees cycle to work (even in the winter). When we have off-site meetings, people carpool or take public transit. Over the last six years, we have generated a 70% reduction in business-related car trips.