Understanding the Journey Your Customer is Taking

January 13, 2014 by  Top Drawer Creative

by Brian Gahan, TDC’s Executive VP & Chief Creative Officer

The story of a hero’s journey can be told, reinvented and retold an infinite number of times.  A brand can undergo these metamorphoses too, but the storyteller has to be careful to never disrespect the brand hero — and its journey.  Sounds simple, but, in the heat and rush of getting to the funny or smart, we as creative can easily leap over the authentic, narrative, fundamental truth.

This was top-of-mind when one of our clients let us develop a TV campaign borrowing the well-known character Sasquatch — a hero of sorts. The ultimate outdoor survivor: so capable, so skilled, and so at home in the outdoors that no one has ever really seen one (for long).

We did our share of reinvention in our telling of the story. Our Sasquatch is a bit of a goofy hipster and, as it turns out, not all that great at surviving in the outdoors. Help comes from his outdoor mentor, our client, SAIL. We wanted our Sasquatch to be funny, interesting, and fresh; but one thing we never considered changing was the fact that a Sasquatch is happiest in the wild and could never be truly happy anywhere else; so that’s how our spots always end. They respect Sasquatch’s heroic journey and, by doing so, call our client’s customers to join the journey.

Watch an example of one of our spots:
To get to know our Sasquatch a little better, check out our Winter 2014 “Making Of” video:
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