New Narrative for Bicycle Advocacy

July 28, 2015 by  Kelly Drennan

Top Drawer Creative’s CEO and president, Howard Chang, has been involved in bicycle advocacy work for over 30 years, including his agency’s production of the award-winning Share the Road campaign for the CAA. In 2013, it came as no surprise that Howard was invited to be a featured speaker in Washington DC at the National Bike Summit, where he spoke to the need for industry leaders in attendance to create a new narrative for cycling advocacy.

Among those who heard Howard spoke, Nicole Preston of the American Diabetes Association was particularly moved by what Howard had to say about branding and storytelling, and his belief in the art of influence for social good.

“After hearing Howard speak at the Summit,” says Nicole, “I realized how few people understood the space like he does. His passion and public support for cycling and his dedication to philanthropic causes presented through a storytelling lens attracted us to this partnership.”

This fall, Top Drawer will be working with the ADA on their marquee cycling-based fundraiser, Tour de Cure, as it approaches its 25th anniversary.

“The Tour de Cure has been a fixture on the charity cycling calendar for almost 25 years,” states Howard. “This is an exciting opportunity for us to help better connect the event to both the research that ADA has been doing to find a cure, and to helping people choose healthier lifestyles.”

An Indiegogo Campaign with the Power to Prevent Date Rape

July 17, 2014 by  Top Drawer Creative

TDC’s participation in health causes is an important facet of our conscious effort to positively affect social good. Our deep history of campaigns for clients, including the Heart and Stroke Foundation, Gay Men’s Sexual Health Alliance, and the African and Caribbean Council on HIV/AIDS in Ontario, all revolve around awareness and outreach, spreading important messages to communities both distinct and broad.

We’re no stranger to fundraising, either, supporting causes with confident, integrated campaigns that have driven strong results, like the Milton Velodrome, the Ride for Heart, Canadian Athletes Now Fund, and Toronto Taste.

But this summer marked a first for TDC as we launched our inaugural campaign for the a personal device that has the capability to reduce the instance of date rape through the detection of date-rape drugs. The, once dipped into a beverage, notifies the drinker of the beverage if it has been drugged.

“The client had the technology figured out, but relied on our expertise for all other aspects of the crowd-funding campaign, as well as the functional outer design of the device,” explains TDC’s Chief Creative Officer and EVP, Brian Gahan. “We assembled a passionate team that rallied around the social cause, and in short order, came up with a name, product positioning, final product design, 3D renderings, video, and a social media and PR strategy.”

Just three weeks into the campaign, the PR strategy has proven particularly effective, resulting in global media coverage in nearly every language imaginable. Our approach was to first engage the tech media, including Wired, Engadget, Gizmodo, Techvibes and Mashable, which ran enthusiastic reviews on the technology angle, followed up by mainstream outlets including the Huffington Post, CBS News, the UK’s SkyNews, Elle magazine, Marie Claire, New York Daily News and local programs and publications interested in the Toronto-based founder and team.

“Crowd-funding can be a hard slog, even when you have a truly new and newsworthy technology,” says TDC Communications Director, Nicole Pointon. “But the indiegogo campaign has served as an effective media launch for an important product. The press and social media buzz has already begun to build a broader venture capital and investment framework for the, in addition to the indiegogo campaign.”

This campaign’s offering, a device that has the capacity to detect any contaminant, in any drink, has global implications for personal safety. We hope you’ll check out our hard work, and watch the continued progress of this empowering new device.

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