Top 5 B Corps Top Drawer Has a Crush On

April 24, 2018 by  Top Drawer Creative

What the F is a B Corp, Anyway?

There’s an ongoing debate in our office about what the “B” in B Corp stands for. Bold? Brave? Beneficial? Regardless, what we do know for certain is that B Corp is a business certification comparable to what Fair Trade is to coffee and Organic is to food. To become a certified B Corporation, a business must meet strict standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. And by strict we mean capital “S” Strict, if you catch our drift.

For the same reasons consumers choose certified Fair Trade and Organic products over others, B Corps stand out as businesses with something more to offer. They are also great places to work at and work with for their high standards of social and environmental responsibility. How do we know this? Because we’ve worked with a bunch ourselves (and we also happen to be one).

But B Corp is more than just a seal of approval. It represents a global shift in thinking about the role businesses can (and need to) play in shaping a world that’s prosperous for all. Becoming a B Corp also helps to shape the story of a business’s brand. It’s a testament to their commitment to being a force for good in the world – for people, for planet, and for profits.

Being a member of the B Corp community is something we at Top Drawer are proud of every day. “Every business has an impact,” explains Howard Chang, Top Drawer Founder and CEO. “It’s up to us to decide what kind of impact we want to have.”

We also get kind of nerdy excited about what other businesses in our community are up to! Here’s a list of the top 5 local B Corps we are totally digging right now.

Our Top 5 Favourite Local B Corps

1. Flow Water

Flow alkaline spring water comes from a local, family-owned artesian spring. It’s perfect just the way nature made it. We love this B Corp for their refreshing commitment to responsible packaging, minimal environmental impact, and mindful oversight of every single step of their production process.

2. Reunion Island Coffee

Reunion Island Coffee is not only delicious, there’s a story mixed into each and every cup you enjoy. We’re inspired by Reunion Island’s successful approach to creating a great product in a socially responsible way. Along with making it onto Canada’s Greenest Employers list, this B Corp also partners with important initiatives, like Coffee Kids and Trees for the Future.

3. Beau’s

A beer with a story always tastes fresher. Beau’s family-run, community-driven brewery is totally independent, certified organic, and takes the art of craft beer brewing next level. Beau’s has donated over a million to charities, communities, and the arts since 2006, and has pledged to donate another $5 million over the next decade.

4. Manitoba Harvest

Hemp is such an important product for many reasons and we’re encouraged by Manitoba Harvest’s goal to provide it to more people. Sustainable, fresh, traceable, and – well – just plain delicious, Manitoba Harvest is a great example of how a business with a purpose that goes beyond profits can achieve success.

5. Gladstone Hotel

The Gladstone Hotel is so much more than a hotel (that makes a delicious Negroni, btw) and that’s why we love this B Corp. The Gladstone’s commitment to sustainable practices, fostering community and creativity, and preserving a landmark piece of Toronto history, are just a few of the reasons why this B Corp makes it onto our list.

About the only thing we love more than being a B Corp is working with other B Corps. It’s kind of our jam, you know? As the first full-service agency in Canada to become certified as a B Corp, Top Drawer has a strong history of mapping the terrain for corporate social responsibility. This is not only true for the Top Drawer brand itself, but also for the fellow B Corps and businesses with common good mandates whose brands stories we build fame for.

Top Drawer Is “Best for the World: Best for Workers,” Again!

April 14, 2015 by  Top Drawer Creative

What does it mean to be “Best for the World”?

For the second year in a row, Top Drawer has earned a ‘worker’ score in the top 10% of more than 1,200 Certified B Corporations from over 120 industries on the B Impact Assessment: a rigorous and comprehensive assessment of a company’s impact on its workers, community, and the environment. Honourees were recognized among micro, small, and mid-sized businesses around the globe.

We reached out to B Labs Canada to gather some specifics on what qualified us for the recognition.

Here are the factors that earned us a spot on the Best for the World: Best for Workers list, above other B Corporations around the world: 

  • Environmental Practices = 165% Greater than the Median B Corp
  • Community Practices = 60% Greater than the Median B Corp
  • Worker Compensation, Benefits, & Training = 73% Greater than the Median B Corp

Other factors:

  • 100% of Top Drawer’s employees are paid a living wage
  • Our company-wide annual bonus plan
  • Full health benefits extended to domestic partners
  • Commitment to internal hiring/promotion (more than 15% of all hires are from within)
  • Enhanced maternity leave
  • Employee wage ratio — the salary span between the highest paid to the lowest paid worker at Top Drawer is under 10:1
  • Flex-time / Telecommuting scheduling options
  • Employee carpooling
  • Bike-to-work incentives
  • Annual employee satisfaction survey

“We take pride in producing amazing creative and great campaigns for our clients, but that pride would be misplaced if we weren’t first and foremost focusing on the people who make it possible: our team,” says Brian Gahan, TDC’s CCO and EVP. “That’s one of the reasons we became a B Corp in the first place.”

“This is a standard we’re dedicated to upholding,” says TDC’s CEO, Howard Chang. “Inspired by B Labs and our fellow honourees, we’ll continue to strive towards taking the lead in providing comprehensive benefits and wellness programs, paying living wages, and creating opportunities for the professional and financial growth of our employees.”

The full list of honourees is listed here.

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