Stroke of Luck

April 27, 2012 by  Top Drawer Creative

“Enabling dreams. Believing what’s possible. Celebrating performance. Connecting communities. Helping great talent become world class.”

Those are the principles upon which the Canadian Athletes Now Fund, or CAN Fund, operates. CAN Fund is a not for profit organization devoted solely to raising funds and awareness of Canadian athletes.

CAN Fund’s Menu of Accomplishment, introduced this year, is a catalogue of unique donation incentives¬† – from art to experiences to authentic autographed gear – and one of the many ways that Can FUND supports Canadian Athletes and builds a culture of excellence.

In support of the 2012 Olympics, Top Drawer Creative held a company-wide fundraising challenge for a Canadian Rowing Blade, a symbol of the highest level of competition reserved only for the most elite rowers in Canada.

As motivation, Top Drawer’s President and CEO Howard Chang and Executive VP and CCO Brian Gahan offered an additional incentive: every employee to raise at least $100 for the initiative would be entered in a draw to win a trip for two to the London Olympics.

On April 5th, CAN Fund’s Jane Roos and former Olympic beach volleyball player Conrad Leinemann¬†presented Top Drawer with our Blade – representing stroke number 188 (there are exactly 200 strokes in a race for the Men’s and Women’s Eight, and each stroke has a significant purpose that is imperative to the race strategy). Roos revealed that funds raised by Top Drawer would support Women’s Eight athlete and Port Moody, B.C. native Krista Guloien.

But there was another name still to be revealed-our Olympic-bound staffer. Leinemann did the honours of drawing the lucky employee’s name: Chris Jones, Account Director. Team members immediately noted that Jones, who wasn’t present for the time of the drawing, would be on his honeymoon at the time of the Olympics. But shortly thereafter, Jones called in from his client meetings to say that he’d postponed his honeymoon plans to go to London with his new bride. After all, an all-expenses-paid trip to the Olympics doesn’t come your way every day.


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