Store Conference: Top Drawer to the Retail Rescue

May 3, 2018 by  Top Drawer Creative

Everybody loves a good hero story, especially when the hero takes on a big, scary nemesis – and wins. While a superhero flick is a fun Saturday night escape, how do everyday entrepreneurs win in the real world?

Well, that’s another story.

And it’s a story that’s keeping mid-sized and specialty retailers awake at night. With online giants and big-box competitors hogging the sandbox, how do smaller, brick-and-mortar entrepreneurs stand a chance?

That’s a big question and one that we’re bringing to the Store Conference, organized by the Retail Council of Canada. Our panel discussion, The Secrets of “Click-and-Mortar” Retail Success, centres on strategies for how retailers can win against the competition.

The good news? It’s possible. The better news? Adapting doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your brand and your core beliefs. “For retailers, ecommerce is not just about transactions,” insists Howard Chang, Top Drawer CEO and Founder. “It’s about empowering and engaging your customer so they fall in love with your brand.”

Check out our stacked panel of retailers and industry pros who’ve taken on the competition – and won.

Top Canadian Retailers Reveal Their Secrets at the Store Conference

Howard Chang, President and CEO, Top Drawer Creative

As a lifelong entrepreneur, Howard’s passion for triple bottom-lines – people, planet, profits – exists at the core of the agency. Among his most proud achievements, the recent rebrand for the David Suzuki Foundation sits close to the top of the list!

Frank Aloise, VP Digital, Top Drawer Creative

For the past 11 years, Frank has headed up Top Drawer Creative’s digital team. Frank digs deep for insights that he can use to build innovating and affordable solutions for his clients.

Larissa Wasyliw, Director of Marketing & Ecommerce, TSC Stores

TSC Stores and its sister company, Peavey Mart, make up the largest farm and ranch retailer in Canada. For 10 years, Larissa has been a key force in TSC’s evolution from a print-focused advertising approach to one with a successful online fan base, ecommerce platform and CRM.

Matt Ryan, VP of Marketing, National Access Cannabis

After marketing roles in the arts and culture industry and with Nintendo of Canada, Matt joined NAC, a leading Canadian provider of legal medical cannabis. Currently, NAC is expanding to emerge as a player in the retail and ecommerce space, after legalization.

Stephen Bebis, Partner, Bigwin Group

Stephen won the E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2005 and was elected to the RCC Retail Hall of Fame in Canada in 2007. His impressive résumé of retail management and entrepreneurial experience includes CEO of Aikenhead’s, Golf Town, Brookstone and LSNA.

Scott Essery, Partner, Fitness Depot

As Canada’s largest retailer of specialty exercise and fitness equipment, Fitness Depot’s ability to compete is largely due to its ecommerce game. With the company since 1994, Scott has helped to build Fitness Depot’s success, both in-store and online.

See You at #STORE2018!

With over 25 years’ experience rocking ecommerce and CRM, we have no shame bragging about our success in the retail digital space. Join us for an exciting panel discussion at the Store Conference – and bring your notebooks!