How to Innovate Your Business from the Beach

October 21, 2015 by  Howard Chang

Excerpt taken from “Get a little Flaky with your business”, by Top Drawer Creative’s CEO and president Howard Chang.

I am writing this while swaying gently from a hammock overlooking the Caribbean. During the winter I spend about a week a month at my place in Exuma (yes, I carbon offset 100% of my travel).

Working from a tiny Caribbean island is an interesting experience for me and probably a total pain in the ass for my account team and department heads as I get all kinds of crazy ideas down here.

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Cycling for Social Good

October 6, 2015 by  Kelly Drennan

Howard Chang, our CEO and president, is once again using his love of cycling for social good with the organization of The Great Exuma Charity Bike Ride. The goal of the event, taking place in Great Exuma, Bahamas, on November 7th 2015, is to raise over $50,000 for The Exuma Foundation and their work with a new local hospital.

Race organizers understand that good health is not solely about the treatment of disease, but also about prevention. In that spirit, part of the ride’s goal is to raise awareness about the benefits of exercise in the prevention of common diseases, like Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and some forms of cancer.

The main event will attract cyclists and philanthropists from Canada, the U.S. and the Bahamas, who will ride the 70 km route across the scenic island. Each rider is required to fundraise a minimum amount or make a personal donation in order to participate in the ride as a VIP. There will also be a free 40 km ride for any locals who want to participate.

The Exuma Foundation is a not-for-profit based in Exuma that is focused on enhancing the lives of the people of the Exumas by investing in education, facilities and infrastructure. The Foundation will collect the donations from The Great Exuma Charity Bike Ride and disperse them to the new local hospital to purchase much-needed equipment.

“I have been getting to know the Exumas for the last three years, with its incredibly friendly people and world famous azure waters,” says Howard. “I wanted to give back to this wonderful community in a way that was meaningful. Health care is a big challenge in areas like Exuma, so our first step is to help the new hospital succeed, as well as introduce this Caribbean paradise to more people like me who love to cycle and enjoy the outdoors.”

For more information or to register, please visit