CAA Messages Home the Dangers of Texting and Driving

April 16, 2015 by  Top Drawer Creative

Texting and driving. It may not have the taboo factor that drinking and driving does in our society, but texting while at the wheel can be more dangerous than driving under the influence. A recent Car and Driver trial made the following comparison with regards to braking response times while either unimpaired, drunk, reading e-mail or sending a text message:

  • Unimpaired: .54 seconds to brake
  • Legally drunk: add 4 feet
  • Reading e-mail: add 36 feet
  • Sending a text: add 70 feet

Our client, the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA), understands too well the dire consequences associated with texting and driving. Their own findings showed similar concerning response times while texting. They approached TDC to develop a campaign that would hit home with a particularly vulnerable audience – youth aged 20-24, who often feel pressure to respond to text messages in the moment, more so than other forms of communication such as e-mail or social media sharing. At the same time, they didn’t want their message to alienate parents and more mature audiences.

TDC developed an online PSA, television and radio spots, print and digital ads, broadcast – all featuring a “drive now, text later” messaging, which hammers home the risks of nonchalant attitudes about texting and driving in bleak contrast to dangerous, and even lethal, outcomes.

The campaign was developed for CAA National, but is being disseminated across regional channels by provincial clubs throughout key periods in 2015. With no promotion, the online PSA, posted by the National Club, already has over 175,000 views.

* CAA built a simulator, and hired a third party to test the most common distractions to find out the average time a driver is   discovered distracted while performing an action behind the wheel.

Here is what they found:

  • Answering a Phone Call: 10.6 seconds
  • Replying to Text Message: 33.6 seconds
  • Grooming: 14.4 seconds
  • Reading Directions: 7.0 seconds
  • Drinking Coffee: 6.3 seconds
  •  Adjusting Radio: 1.3 seconds
  • Adjusting Climate Control: 2.7 seconds
  • Adjusting GPS: 26.7 seconds

Top Drawer Is “Best for the World: Best for Workers,” Again!

April 14, 2015 by  Top Drawer Creative

What does it mean to be “Best for the World”?

For the second year in a row, Top Drawer has earned a ‘worker’ score in the top 10% of more than 1,200 Certified B Corporations from over 120 industries on the B Impact Assessment: a rigorous and comprehensive assessment of a company’s impact on its workers, community, and the environment. Honourees were recognized among micro, small, and mid-sized businesses around the globe.

We reached out to B Labs Canada to gather some specifics on what qualified us for the recognition.

Here are the factors that earned us a spot on the Best for the World: Best for Workers list, above other B Corporations around the world: 

  • Environmental Practices = 165% Greater than the Median B Corp
  • Community Practices = 60% Greater than the Median B Corp
  • Worker Compensation, Benefits, & Training = 73% Greater than the Median B Corp

Other factors:

  • 100% of Top Drawer’s employees are paid a living wage
  • Our company-wide annual bonus plan
  • Full health benefits extended to domestic partners
  • Commitment to internal hiring/promotion (more than 15% of all hires are from within)
  • Enhanced maternity leave
  • Employee wage ratio — the salary span between the highest paid to the lowest paid worker at Top Drawer is under 10:1
  • Flex-time / Telecommuting scheduling options
  • Employee carpooling
  • Bike-to-work incentives
  • Annual employee satisfaction survey

“We take pride in producing amazing creative and great campaigns for our clients, but that pride would be misplaced if we weren’t first and foremost focusing on the people who make it possible: our team,” says Brian Gahan, TDC’s CCO and EVP. “That’s one of the reasons we became a B Corp in the first place.”

“This is a standard we’re dedicated to upholding,” says TDC’s CEO, Howard Chang. “Inspired by B Labs and our fellow honourees, we’ll continue to strive towards taking the lead in providing comprehensive benefits and wellness programs, paying living wages, and creating opportunities for the professional and financial growth of our employees.”

The full list of honourees is listed here.

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