The Making of Liquor Depot’s Edmonton Oilers TV Spots

February 26, 2015 by  Top Drawer Creative

The Making of Liquor Depot’s Oilers TV from Top Drawer on Vimeo.

The budget was tight. The turnaround time was even tighter. But by assembling an all-star team and putting the product at centre ice, our EVP / CCO Brian Gahan, Art Director Nick Alafogiannis and Creative Producer Christina Jol led the Liquor Depot team to victory with these six fun spots, shot in one day in late 2014. The TV commercials aired during 2015 Oilers games.




Wildly Creative Wintertime

February 13, 2015 by  Patty Lowry

Dark, dreary, slippery, slushy, bitter, bleak, nostril-freezing, freckle-biting cold. Winter sucks.

Chill out folks!

Every season offers up a plethora of scenic exploration, revelation and inspiration to kick your creativity out of hibernation.

Wildly expressive and naturally beautiful, nature’s gift of abundance presents a phenomenal landscape of diversity, ranging from the strangely abstract to breathtakingly real. A blank canvas of white, the shadows of light contrasted against peeks of colour – all stunted by the cadence of time as the earth sleeps.

As a lover of nature, and creator of art, I find enormous inspiration in the great outdoors, with some of the most original, natural examples of artistry during the winter. Consider the beauty in dangling icicles, intricately frosted windowpanes, the exquisite anatomy of a snowflake and even funky, friendly snowmen, women and creatures!

One of my favourite local places to explore is the Leslie Spit. An urban wilderness, home to a great variety of wildlife, and during winter, becomes a frozen landscape of magic. A photographer’s dreamland, wander the bramble paths to uncover some new friends, and take a stroll along the beach where the waves and abandoned rubble meet and transform into icy visions of grandeur.

But of all the places that nature’s voice calls – my cabin in the woods is my most sacred portal for creative inspiration. An hour’s hike in on snowshoes, dragging a sled stocked with water, whisky, wine and grub, brings me to a wonderland of deep woods.

First stop, The King’s Throne (a 60 ft. rock face) stands proudly in his majestic robe of ice. The evergreens banter in playful pillow fights of fresh flakes, while my kaleidoscopic river presents a palate artists dream of.

To honour this magical wilderness, every season I embark on an artful expression as a gift back to nature. Sure this may sound weird to some, but for me, it’s a ritual and rite of passage from one season to the next. Inspired by my intentions for the season and whimsy of woodland animals and elements, I design a costume that morphs the human and nature spirit for a wild photo shoot in my woods. I’ve been everything from a dragonfly, snake and mermaid during summer months, to the wind, raven and deer in winter.

This winter, I am embodying a silver fox. The fox totem represents the energies of mischief and opportunity – a playful sprite full of curiosity, cleverness and charm.  At least that’s what the fox says!

So in the spirit of all the wonders of winter, I encourage you to embrace its awe-inspiring surprises and let your imagination go wild!

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