Grand Opening Success at Cambridge SAIL

January 27, 2015 by  Top Drawer Creative

We love our Quebec-based client, SAIL. Since we started working together in 2012, we’ve been through thick and thin with the outdoor retailer, supporting three store openings and seasonal activities at their Ontario stores with exuberant creative campaigns featuring the Sasquatch. November 26th’s Cambridge grand opening proved to be SAIL’s most successful Ontario launch to date, with more than 500 people lining up outside the doors before the store even opened.

Put Clients 2nd and Win

January 26, 2015 by  Howard Chang

A lot of businesses put their customers first – or at least they try to. However, all too often, promises of great customer service are simply not kept. Why? Certainly not from lack of trying: most businesses sincerely want to do a great job when it comes to customer or client satisfaction.

So where does it fall down?

It starts with your people. You can write policy, you can force compliance, you can even offer bonuses for customer satisfaction. But none of these strategies are sustainable or, in some cases, effective at all. The truth is your customer service will never be exceptional if your company culture and employee engagement is lacking.

At my agency, Top Drawer Creative, we invest a significant amount of time, effort and money to recruit, grow and retain great people. It’s no simple task and one we have been working on for years. We are not a big ad agency (42 people) and we are not a global brand, attracting top talent. So instead, we make Top Drawer an inspiring and attractive place to work on many other levels.

We offer fair compensation to all employees, profit sharing for all staff, full benefits, green RRSP contributions, monthly company events, ongoing professional development – hey, we even pay our staff to ride their bikes to work! We also let our people try new things and take on new projects where they might fail and learn in the process.

By investing and taking risks in order to grow your people, you will have highly involved stakeholders in the well-being of your company. And that directly translates into superior customer service – because your staff will care.

Our clients constantly tell us how impressed they are with our team’s passion, diligence and professionalism. And there is so much trust that when issues come up (and they will), we talk about them frankly and in the spirit of partnership. That’s why our average client engagement is over 10 years. That’s like 70 agency years!

So do make sure your customers are looked after with exceptional customer service; but to achieve that, consider putting them second and your employees first.

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