Introducing our Art of Influence Shop

December 17, 2014 by  Top Drawer Creative

Creativity is a gift. Especially when it comes in the form of creative people in our lives.

“The majority of our staff are highly artistic,” says our creative director, Rachael Muir. “We hire people for their creativity, but let’s face it: work is work, and it’s hard to fully engage your artistic side when working on client projects.”

To give TDC staff an outlet to express themselves outside of deadlines, Rachael created the Art of Influence Shop. Standalone art pieces and collections are created by TDC employees and friends – currently featured are mugs, tea towels, throw pillows, posters and cards – and 50% of proceeds go directly into their pocket. The other 50% goes to charity.

“It’s truly blue-sky and it doesn’t have to do with advertising or marketing,” she says. “The charity aspect adds meaning and an impetus to create. Our staff are always looking for ways to do good – advertising can be a bit cutthroat.”

Purchases made support two national charity partners: Handicap International and Environmental Defence.

“We are excited to be part of this great initiative that supports creativity, local talent and local charities. By supporting the AOI shop, you have the opportunity to support the whole community,” says Liza Smithies from Environmental Defence.

TDC plans to work with the two organizations to share their messaging, campaign announcements and initiatives.

“We’re looking very forward to working with TDC to spread the word about our organization’s efforts,” says Handicap International’s Chantal Goffoz. “There are more than one billion people suffering from disability in the world – your purchase encourages creativity and helps someone with disabilities stand tall!”

We encourage you to check out the site, and consider making a gift for the holidays. We’ll be sharing more feature collections and creator profiles on Facebook and Twitter as new work is added to the site.

Wheelhouse New Business

December 16, 2014 by  Top Drawer Creative

Most advertising agencies mix and match their client base like a Midwestern smorgasbord.

But over time, as we’ve grown and matured as an agency, we’ve discovered that a marriage of the minds – and motives – is the key to success when it comes to client and agency relationships. It’s those defining relationships, when we’ve listened to our core values and passions, that have repeatedly yielded winning results for ourselves, and our clients

Speaking of finding the right fit, we’re pleased to announce several new clients with whom we definitely see eye-to-eye.

Hincapie Sportswear

The Hincapie family’s dedication to premium apparel reaches back to their roots in Colombia, South America. Ricardo Hincapie developed a passion for cycling when he started racing bicycles in his native country, and introduced his sons, George and Rich, to the sport as soon as they were old enough to turn the pedals – and his passion turned into a family business.

Hincapie Sportswear was created to meet the need for quality custom cycling clothing for teams and clubs, and produces custom garments for large and small teams, clubs, races and rides, corporations and charitable organizations, as well as an extensive line of men’s and women’s premium retail apparel. Hincapie clothing is produced with meticulous attention to detail, using innovative construction technologies for maximizing performance in both comfort and style.


Ottawa-based terra20 started with a single purpose: to encourage a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle.

By seeking out innovative products – from sustainable fashion to green household supplies to all-natural baby products – and creating the largest selection under one roof, terra20 has helped Canadians explore a greener way, starting at home. Their one-stop eco stores make the shopping experience easier, and the knowledge of their consumer ambassadors results in better, more informed decisions.

With two stores in the Capitol Region and a booming online presence, terra20 is poised to widen their market, store presence and community of hand-selected vendor partners.

Canadians for Clean Prosperity

The decisions Canadians make today on polluter pay will impact the economic and environmental landscape inherited by future generations. Canadians for Clean Prosperity is a group building public and political support for polluter responsibility across Canada.

By educating Canadians about the hidden costs of pollution, and the economic benefits of making polluters pay for the cost of their pollution, they help empower individuals to use their personal and political voices for change, and combine the voices of passionate grassroots activists with strategic efforts to build support for changing the laws and building a cleaner, more prosperous Canada. 

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