We Canadians may seem like an easy lay, but we won’t tolerate a lazy lover. When Brands fail to keep their promise.

April 29, 2014 by  Top Drawer Creative

By Rachael Muir

The promise of a new, robust, and intuitive product, service or company is compelling, not to mention exciting. But what happens when they fall short? A prime example of late is Target Canada.

Most Canadians fell prey to the Target fairytale because we were excited about the ‘other’, the attractive new American retailer that was bestowing his interest in us from across the border. All too fast we gave up our steadfast and committed Canadian retailer Zellers. He was an old lover, turned companion, and soon enough we’d find out the hard way that we took him for granted.

We felt desired. That felt good.

Target came up North and swept us off our feet. Rewind: actually, the love affair is what we were expecting, and at first we couldn’t get enough. He told us he loved us. Those TV spots perfectly expressed our feeling that he was as excited as we were to consummate our relationship. He was bright, exciting, bursting with energy and the promise of satisfaction – more than satisfaction, the promise of the best experience ever.

But it didn’t take long before we realized that what we had was a very lazy lover. Target rested on the laurels of his big shiny American reputation. He did not really care. He sold us on value, but we got none. He sold us on selection and that was a big disappointment too.

I went there as many of us did. Walked under that big red and white bullseye, with a twinkle in my eye and a bounce in my step. I may have been expecting too much, but that’s how they sold it: bright, clean and snappy with lots of substance and style. What I got was messy and bored with not much between the ears; not much style, not much selection and certainly not much value.

We Canadians may seem like an easy lay, but we won’t tolerate a lazy lover.

He broke his promise, and for a lover, er, a brand, that’s as bad as it gets. I miss Zellers. He may not have been sexy, but he never broke his promise.