We’re a Certified B Corp

February 10, 2014 by  Top Drawer Creative

There are over 900 companies in over 29 countries who are B Corps (about 100 of which are in Canada). B Corps are businesses that share a common belief: that business should be a force for good. They believe that corporate social responsibility is non-negotiable. So, we decided to sign up. We took a comprehensive test – the B Impact Assessment – and we passed, becoming the first dedicated, full-service ad agency in Canada to do so.

During the process of taking this test, we took a good, hard look at our business. We had to ask ourselves, “What makes us a better company?” Is it our culture? Is it our ethics? Is it our environmental stance? Our answers fared well on all fronts and the results made us realize we were getting things right. We scored above the median on all categories.



“The team and culture here is great,” says Director of Client Services Kathy McLay. “We like each other and that makes it enjoyable to come to work everyday.” We believe in our people and we treat them well. We like to have fun together as that keeps things healthy.



We’re accountable for our actions. Our policies are authentic and transparent; and one of our strengths is our adaptability. “We’re small and agile enough to quickly step out of our process if we think it will help us get a better result,” says Andrew Connochie, our Director of Brand Strategy. And part of our mission is to make sure results we get for our clients are valuable and sustainable. We practice what we preach, most notably the art of influence for social good.



This was where we thought we’d get it and we did do pretty well – 89% over the median score in this category! Our commitment to preserving and healing the environment is huge and expands through every aspect of our operation. From our recycled wood floors to our energy – 100% Bullfrog powered.  And there’s a lot in between.



“As a successful local business with business reach across North America, we feel it’s important to walk our talk of social corporate responsibility that is in the DNA of our organization,” says President & CEO Howard Chang. Each year we make donations to local and national charities, by way of pro bono work, funds raised or a combination of both. TDC has been behind campaigns for Second Harvest, Ride for Heart, Bullfrog Power and a large-scale rebranding for Genuine Health. As advertisers, we choose to use our influence for good.


“The opportunity is to find balance and authenticity in the way brands connect with consumers,” says Chang. We choose clients who align with our thinking on that. We want to get it right. And we’ve put a great deal of resources into researching how to do that. We’ve developed an expertise around the AHAATM consumer (active, healthy, affluent and aware). AHAAs are a psychographic we’ve identified that make up a powerful consumer segment. They are typically socially and environmentally conscious, they know what they want and they will pay to get it if and how they can. It’s worth it to them. They’re our kind of people and we are developing this community relationship. (Learn more about that here.)


So, we’re a Certified B Corp! We’re excited about that and we’re looking forward to what’s ahead: we want to keep thinking and producing great creative. We want to make a difference socially and environmentally. Moreover, we’re looking forward to doing better. There is always room to be better.

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Playing It Forward

February 7, 2014 by  Top Drawer Creative

Every year, we have a holiday party that includes our annual silent auction. We started this tradition several years ago and its success wouldn’t be possible without the generous donations from our clients, vendors and corporate partners. To you: thank you.

Our silent auction is a favourite place for some of the last-minute holiday shoppers on staff to catch up gift buying. Hockey tickets. Handbags. Workout equipment. Household items. Restaurant and retail store gift cards. iPads. This year’s silent auction yielded the highest gross we’ve ever raised – over $6000. And we happily gave it all away. Because there are kids who need it.

This year we donated to Right to Play, a global organization that uses play to educate children facing adversity in disadvantaged areas. The kids engage in sport and games and learn about teamwork, decision-making, endurance – life skills.

From where we are, it wouldn’t make sense to even imagine growing up without playing. So here’s to the next business leaders – from the lemonade stand owner, to the creative director, to the global giant. We believe everyone should have the right to learn, play and have fun – to be active, healthy and aware! – and grow to make responsible choices.

To our generous supporters, again, thank you for your donations. They mean the world!

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