10 Best: Home Remedies

November 11, 2013 by  Top Drawer Creative

We’re in the creative business and we’re advocates of active, healthy lifestyles. Of course, despite our energetic regime, we too get caught under the weather. Here’s a list of our 10 Best Home Remedies for what ails you. We’re not prescribing any treatment with these thoughts and we recommend that you see a healthcare specialist for any serious conditions.


1 The Newfangled Hot Toddy

Mix fresh lemon juice, honey and minced ginger with an ounce of [rye] whisky in boiling water: your sore throat will let up, you’ll be able to breathe better, and you might relax. Not a whisky lover? Skip the booze and add a dash of cayenne pepper.


2 The Neti Pot

This thing really gets things moving–through you! Tilt your head and pour. Warm salt water courses through your nasal passage and loosens what’s congesting you, allowing you do some gentle & relieving nose blowing.


3 Oil of Oregano

Sure, it might taste awful and burn a little. But [for a lot of people] it works. At the onset of a cold or right in the thick of it, oil of oregano taken orally can be an effective remedy for ailments involving the respiratory tract and then some (e.g., colds, bronchitis, coughs, asthma, sore throats and ear aches).


4 Peppermint Tea

Rumour has it, drinking a hot cup of this stuff calms cases of nausea and vomiting (and its counterpart, diarrhea). This caffeine-free cup of goodness can also best stress and, thank goodness, the common cold.


5 Garlic

Eating a clove a day keeps a cold away. Admittedly, it gives you worse breath than eating an apple does, but garlic is an antimicrobial, which means when you start to get a cold and you eat some, it helps make the congestion go away.


6 Drink Water

If you’re dehydrated, you’re more likely to suffer with a headache or feel fatigued. Bonus: drinking water–instead of something like pop–can actually help you lose weight and have more energy.


7 Epsom Salt Baths

Epsom salt is not actually salt at all–it’s a magnesium & sulfate mineral compound; and magnesium is a natural muscle relaxer. You can take magnesium supplements, but the body actually absorbs it [better] through the skin by way of a nice soak!


8 Sleep

Get some! Getting proper (read: enough) rest keeps our brains sharper and our cells in good repair.


9 Wash Your Hands

It’s hands-down the best way to prevent sharing the yuck.


10 Manage STRESS

Laugh. Exercise (even just walking around the block is great). Eat well: avoid processed foods and strive for a balanced diet with foods rich in nutrients. The state of your mind affects the state of your body and vice versa.