Hang Some Inspiration on the Wall

August 21, 2013 by  Top Drawer Creative

We have a pretty awesome workspace. Patio, BBQ, sofas, places to put our bikes & other sporty gear, great local shops–we’re in the Beach! Yes, we do actually get some work done here; we have awards for it hanging on the walls. We’ve got paintings & photographs done by our staff proudly up there too. And we’ve also got some really special things around the building, like a hockey jersey autographed by the 2002 Women’s Olympic Hockey team (very, very cool and inspiring to walk by everyday, even if we’re only headed to the washroom). In our kitchen there’s a paddle that represents fundraising we did to support the 2012 Women’s 8 Olympic Rowing team. We have a painting done by Jane Roos, the founder, driving force and heart of Canadian Athletes Now (CAN Fund). And soon… very soon we’ll have a 2014 CAN Fund Calendar hanging on the wall. It’s our hope, no our goal, that thousands of Canadians will have copies of that same 2014 CAN Fund Calendar on their walls too.

So why CAN Fund? Simple. CAN Fund is an organization our CEO, Howard Chang, and our agency has long supported. We know that without CAN Fund, so many Canadian athletes wouldn’t be able to train for or get to the games. They wouldn’t be able to live their dreams and inspire others to reach their own goals. And we wouldn’t be able to cheer for them!

We wanted to do something that wasn’t just about money. We’re donating our time. Our camaraderie. Our passion. We are making a calendar–but not just any calendar. Don’t think firemen or movie star: think exquisite. Howard photographed 13 world-class athletes. The fine art images will fill the pages of a large-format calendar that we want every enthusiast of Canadian sport to hang proudly on their walls. Even if you’re not sporty at all, the images are motivational and beautiful.

Our athlete models are not just stunning to look at; they’re role models. Their spirits jump right out of the photographs.

Check out some behind-the-scenes shots, here. The 2014 CAN Fund Calendar will be available this October. More sneak-peaks to come! Follow us on Twitter @Top_Drawer and follow CAN Fund at @CANFUND.

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