Bona Fide Pageantry

May 31, 2013 by  Top Drawer Creative

It is a Top Drawer tradition, in late spring, to throw a party to celebrate our amazing team of people that call our agency home. It’s a great way to kick-off patio season (on our upstairs Queen St. E patio) and other than FUN, the goal of the evening is to celebrate the team members who have been crucial to our success and welcome the new ones who have just joined in.  We call it our Staff Recognition Event, but most of all it is great excuse for a well-deserved party.

Because the ad world can have a high turnover rate, we decided a few years back to celebrate the talent that have stayed and made us great. Gifts are given, stories are told, and everyone leaves with something and a smile.

Rumor has it, account people were seen hugging media planners; programmers laughing with designer types; and strategy did a little Prancercising®; but most of all it was a great reminder of why people love working with the people that make up Top Drawer Creative.

When it comes to practicing the art of influence, talent matters–but so does a great beach location and a sunny deck.

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Sunny, With a Chance of Biking to Work

May 23, 2013 by  Top Drawer Creative

It’s catching on, this practice of “biking to work”. It’s more than just a growing, healthy trend. It’s a way to keep fit, keep dollars in your pocket, and absorb some vitamin D!

Earlier this month, The Weather Network reporter Kasia Bodurka stopped by to chat with us about our Bike to Work Program. We have a healthy rate of employee participation. One of those participants is our Director of Brand Strategy, Andrew Connochie, who says, “It makes me feel great! I get to work feeling a little bit more able to tackle some of the challenges I might face that day.”

That calming effect works well at the end of the day too. Our CEO, Howard Chang, advocates that riding a bike is a great way to decompress. He says, “You leave work. You ride home. And you forget what was stressing you out.” He and Executive VP Brian Gahan started Top Drawer’s Bike to Work Program about a decade ago; and the company has invested approximately $60,000 to it over the years.

It started at $2 per day; now employees are paid $5 per day for cycling to and from work. We have lockers, a shower, and indoor bike storage–so the weather conditions don’t always have to be perfect to make the commute.

Read The Weather Network’s story and watch the video, here.

For those of you who are on the fence about biking to work, our tips are:

– Since Bike Month is coming up, use that as an incentive. May 27 is “Bike to Work Day”.
– Get a bike. Tune it up and make sure it’s safe and fit for you to ride.
– Get a helmet.
– Take a bike safety course, such as CAN-Bike, organized by the City of Toronto.
– Try riding around on the weekend or in the evening. And then, try riding to work!

You might love it.

Here are some photos of the Bike Clinic we had on the patio here. Big thanks to the City of Toronto and Smart Commute!

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