Driving Social Change – With Help From Our Friends

December 21, 2012 by  Top Drawer Creative

Here at Top Drawer Creative, we work hard and we play hard. Some of us run in the morning together. Many of us cycle to work or just go for a ride together. We have a beach volleyball team in the warmer months. And, especially at holiday time, we raise a glass together. One of our annual and unbreakable traditions is to make a substantial contribution to a worthy cause every year with the money we raise by way of silent auction.

For the goods we bid on, we rely on generous donations from our clients, vendors and friends. And this holiday haul was a banner one.  We raised $3,645.50 in staff bids and another $1354.50 was donated by our agency, bringing our total pot to $5000! We happily gave every penny to the youth-empowering, socially responsible organization, Right To Play.

When we were children playing together–perhaps in the schoolyard, or on a community league sports team­–that was when we first learned of camaraderie and team spirit (and even how to deal with being picked last for the team). Playing is essential to learning social and practical skills, such as co-operation, sharing and logistics. Playing is also a form of physical exercise, which every child needs to grow and be healthy. But not every child has the opportunity to play.

Despite the UN’s recognition of play as a right of every child, so many children–too many children–need help exercising that right. And that’s where Right To Play comes in.

Being proponents of living active, healthy lifestyles, it was our honour as a team to put our dollars toward a global organization that empowers children in the face of adversity–to drive social change. Right To Play works to provide disadvantaged children in over 20 countries with equipment and guidance and fun. They help kids be kids. Volunteer coaches use play as a tool to teach the kids about tolerance and peace–and even about how disease can be spread.

Right To Play is an organization with lofty, but attainable goals. We absolutely align with that.

Thank you, so much, to our 2012 Silent Auction donors:

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It’s All About Fit

by  Top Drawer Creative

Our relationship with our clients is not just that of an agency; the reach extends to include each member of staff here at Top Drawer Creative. As a company, we have a very focused and particular point-of-view; we’re not just proponents of active, healthy lifestyles–we’re ambassadors.

Enter Genuine Health. As a client, quite simply, they’re a perfect fit. Not only does their product and category align with our thinking, their team is curious, engaged and very open to new ideas! And since many of our staffers are long-time advocates of using Genuine Health products, such as greens+, our relationship is win-win.

Another recent no-brainer for us was shaking hands with Canadian Ironman Hall of Fame inductee, Graham Fraser. Graham is the founder of Centurion Cycling, an organization that works with multiple charities and hosts premier, one-day cycling events in North America. Talk about working in tandem! Participants in each Centurion Cycling event can choose to race or just ride. They’re encouraged to set and achieve goals that challenge their endurance. Graham’s track record with Ironman North American and our agency’s expertise in this space assures that Centurion will be the premier event on the Canadian cycling calendar.

Looking back at our 2012 TDC team endeavors, we challenged ourselves and relished in some enriching lifestyle results. Our people played healthy and hard. Our co-ed volleyball team won the championship in our local Beach community league. Over a dozen of us participated in the Becel Heart&Stroke Ride for Heart–and some didn’t own a bike before we started training for the ride as a team. Our bike-to-work program is rewarding for our people and aided in Metrolinx’s Smart Commute naming us as a 2012 Employer of the Year.

Pushing ourselves (and the proverbial 100%-recycled-biodegradable envelope) has yielded us a fantastic return on investment. We’ve worked with good people and good companies in the past, but getting it just right–getting that perfect fit–is how we’re going to make 2013 our best year yet.


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