Pan Am 2015 Velodrome Fund-raising Campaign Kicks Off!

October 10, 2012 by  Top Drawer Creative

Our President, Howard Chang, is a member of Les Domestiques, a cycling club made up of philanthropists who live and promote active, healthy lifestyles. And they have some news!

“By now, most of the cycling community has heard that Milton will be the new home of the Pan Am 2015 Velodrome. What most of you may not know is that although 90% of the funds have been secured, we still have over $4 million to raise by 2014. Our club–Les Domestiques–has made a commitment to the Town Of Milton that we will lead the initiative to ensure those financial commitments are met.

To that end, our fund-raising cabinet, made up of Jennifer Reynolds (Town of Milton), Fraser Chapman (Morning Glory CC), and David Morland, Ron Mitchell, Tricia Gadsden and myself (all from Les Domestiques), organized a fund-raising ride to kick off the campaign.  The ride followed a scenic escarpment route passing right by the actual Velodrome site and framed by the Niagara Escarpment as the backdrop. We invited passionate cyclists, who had track records as major philanthropists, to join us for a morning of riding, followed by a luncheon where we shared some details on the new facility and why they needed to be involved. As a special treat, we invited cycling stars like Steve Bauer, Curt Harnett, Zach Bell, and Canadian pro road champion Ryan Roth to ride along. And to our delight, Fraser Chapman managed to talk cycling legend and superstar Mario Cipollini to join us as well!

As much as I am a cycling nut, the guest who impressed me the most was former Ontario Premier David Peterson. Mr. Peterson has a growing fondness for cycling and was excited to join this seasoned crew for a ride. Apparently years of politics toughens the mind and the body as David not only enjoyed the ride, but brought us home at the front of the peloton at almost 40kph! We had a chance to stop by the Velodrome site where Peter Gilgan gave the group an overview of the site planning vision.

Back at the lovely Rattlesnake Point Golf Club (apparently golf is the new gycling!), his Worship Major Gordon Krantz welcomed the riders, while a few short presentations were made by myself, Tim Hockey, Peter Gilgan, Steve Bauer, Greg Mathieu and Jennifer Reynolds. We even had a freshly recorded video by Brian Cookson, the head of British Cycling, who gave us some insight on how the Manchester Velodrome became the springboard for the growth of cycling in his country. All-in-all, the attendees showed excitement for the project; at least half a dozen stepped up with commitments for significant donations and many more asked that we follow up. A resounding success!

So why are we as a cycling community so passionate about this? It’s not just about high-performance cycling around a track.  We have learned from countries like Australia and the UK, that track cycling is the natural springboard to develop world class performances from our Canadian riders. Medals at Worlds and Olympics will capture the imagination of mainstream Canadians and increase the popularity of the sport. As cycling grows, this “every persons” sport will enhance the health and well being of Canadians, reduce smog and congestion in our cities, and become an intrinsic part of our culture–just like it is in many parts of Europe. With the help of all Canadians interested in creating a healthier and more sustainable country we can Make It Happen.

Special thanks to Jennifer Reynolds and the Milton team, my assistant Laura Tarpay, Adam Smith from Top Drawer Creative who spearheaded the branding and creative for the campaign, our campaign cabinet and committee members, and all the other folk who lent a hand to make this a reality.


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AHAA! We found her!

October 9, 2012 by  Top Drawer Creative

Our goal at Top Drawer Creative is to always be the best and work with the best. That said, we’re thrilled to announce our latest and greatest find–Kathy McLay, Director of Client Services.

Kathy brings with her an impressive ensemble of experience in Account Services, having worked for over 15 years at elite global agencies including Saatchi & Saatchi, DDB, and Young & Rubicam.

Kathy’s past client roster included P&G, Buckley’s (Novartis), Brita & Glad (Clorox), Advil (Wyeth), Kenneth Cole, London Fog, and the Philips Electronic business across Europe – which she managed for two years working with DDB Amsterdam before returning home to Canada.

We’re glad she came back. In the short time she’s been part of our team, Kathy’s influence on our internal and Client processes has been impactful. When asked about the AHAA moment that secured her decision to join Top Drawer Creative…. “I was impressed by the integration of the agency, the culture, and the focused, niche group of Clients.” Kathy also seems to have fully embraced enjoying local, organic wine on our gorgeous rooftop deck!

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