She’s Tops: Top Drawer Creative’s Content & Community Strategist Is One of Marketing’s Top 30 Under 30.

August 29, 2012 by  Trellawny

In the world of social media, perhaps it’s personal that begets professional. Megan Siegel–aka @seagell–puts it all out there. Her personal social feeds a combination of wit, political charge and local leisure. Her informative and compelling professional social feeds have helped raise a lot of awareness and a lot of money.

Megan and 29 other young talents will get a chance to mix and mingle with those who nominated and actively support them; as well as congratulate each other at tonight’s Top 30 Under 30 gala being held at the CityLine Studios. “It’s always nice meeting people from Twitter in real life,” says Siegel, who admits to having followed many of her esteemed peers on Twitter for quite some time.

“I’m up there with lots of good people,” she says. And just how did she get up there? Megan joined us at Top Drawer Creative last fall. She’d been working as a web editor at Quarto and made a declaration to herself. She looked at what she was doing, specifically at what she disliked and then set the focus on what she really liked (and as it turns out is quite good at).“I need to make this my job,” she said.

And she did. After graduating university in Nova Scotia, Siegel saw the big metropolis as a steppingstone on a path that would lead her back home. Get a good job and bring the experience home. “That was the plan,” she says. But [lucky for us] plans change. “I’m never leaving Toronto. Ever.”


After celebrating at the Top 30 party, here is what Megan had to say.

Paying It Forward = Big Rewards

August 22, 2012 by  Trellawny

The 2012 Olympic torch has been extinguished in London, but we’re lit up with pride here at home. Our Canadian “Women’s 8” Rowing team took the silver medal and we couldn’t be happier for the crew, inclusive of our “adopted” athlete Krista Guloien.

For our Top Drawer Creative team, it’s a rewarding feeling to support a movement that enables our athletes to focus their time on the training they need to reach world-class levels in their respective sports. Our CEO, Howard Chang, feels participating in such group initiatives fosters “a very inspirational mind space” for us to work within. During a recent visit to CBC’s radio headquarters in Toronto, Howard spoke about the importance of programs that support our flag-bearing athletes. Listen to Howard’s CBC radio interview here.

One of our most inspired employees right now is Canadian Athletes Now (CAN) Fund fundraising contest winner Chris Jones. Here’s a photo of Chris and his new wife, Amy, freshly back from their Olympic weekend in London, in front of our winning blade. Those grins will not easily leave their faces.

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