Come On In: Making the Clinical Accessible

November 23, 2011 by  Top Drawer Creative

Tasked with communicating very technical aspects of HIV and Syphilis for the Hassle Free Clinic and Sexual Health Centre, Top Drawer developed Come On In, and a character named Casey who appeals to the target audience in a fun yet explicit manner.

Led by Brian Gahan, Top Drawer’s VP and Chief Creative Officer, the campaign delivers a complicated clinical message aimed at a general population of gay men.

“We had the challenge of communicating the campaign’s complicated, core messaging to an audience not open to Meda/clinical talk,” Brian says.

“Traditionally, when it comes to interactive media and AIDS messaging targeting gay men there have been a ton of really great creative options but our message was a heavy one and slanted clinical – UAI, Sero Conversation Systems, Window Period and STI’s and Testing Methods,” Brian says.

Casey’s original script and tone were developed through extensive research on the Canadian audience in question. For the delivery, Brian and the team drew inspiration from RSAnimate.

“Deep diving into how others convey dense, complicated information in an engaging manner, we landed on RSAnimate for inspiration. What they have done is fantastic and very popular. We looked at this model and how we could evolve it to work within our campaign creative for Casey. Casey and his friends are our audience and unlike the RSA animation where the narrator is the hero we needed a solution that made Casey, our target, the hero. By turning the background Pink and bringing Casey onto another layer/colour and blending both the RSA style of animation with illustrated cell animation we were able to achieve just that,” says Brian.

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Triple Bottom Line Commuting

November 22, 2011 by  Top Drawer Creative

A new study of people in Sweden proved that people who commute by car, subway or bus are more likely to suffer from stress, exhaustion, poor sleep and possibly even an increase in missed work days.

It’s no surprise to us at Top Drawer that researchers are finding more health complaints in people who travel by bus, train or car than people who walk or ride a bicycle to work. Active living isn’t a schtick for us at Top Drawer. If we’re going to tell clients we know the active living market, we need to live it ourselves. Our commitment to active transportation is about more than simply lowering the carbon footprint of the organization.

As a Smart Commute partner, Top Drawer submits to a full investigation of how we get around town, and in return, gets all kinds of perks and programs, including one-on-one commuting consults to help us improve our ways! A few months ago, everyone in the office filled out a survey detailing where they live and how they get to work. Last week, the entire Top Drawer team assembled to hear the verdict of commuting ways.

The results were affirming. Our cumulative staff commute time clocked in at 30 minutes, compared to a national average of 45 minutes. It turns out just the simple act of filling out survey had played a role in people’s decisions to move closer to work, to purchase a bike – and get paid to ride it to work! – or walk instead of drive.

The pay-off, of course, is a happy, healthy and productive workplace. But it’s always nice to be rewarded for your efforts. At the end of the Tuesday’s presentation, Top Drawer was awarded not one, not two, but THREE 2011 Smart Commute Awards: Best Walking Mode Share, Best Cycling Mode Share, and Best Overall Sustainable Transportation Use*.

“Even though we have a great bike to work program and have lots of people living locally, we saw there there are quite a few people not doing active transportation such as walking or cycling. We learned about the carpool zone, which is an excellent opportunity for some of our staff to carpool with others in our organization and others outside of our companies,” said Howard.

Howard is working hard to create a culture of active living here at Top Drawer – and beyond. Earlier in the month, Howard presented at a Smart Commute conference on how to promote and market green transportation initiatives within organizations.

For more information on Smart Commute programs, visit To speak to Howard about Top Drawer’s commitment to active transportation, call Nicole Pointon at 416-462-1570, ext. 225.

*organizations with fewer than 200 employees

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