The Art of Influence for Social Good

November 26, 2015 by  Kelly Drennan

The holiday season is now upon us, which means finding that perfect gift – whether for loved ones, colleagues or clients – is top of mind.

Hunting down the latest deals just so we can buy more “stuff” is becoming a thing of the past. Consumers are smarter, more conscious and have greater access to information about where our stuff comes from, how it was made, and who made it.

As more of us realize the social and environmental impacts of owning all this stuff, we are starting to seek out gifts that have a feel-good story. We want to not only feel good about where and how things are made, but also who is going to benefit from the purchase.

Earlier this year, we launched The Art of Influence – an online store that features unique, local products made by members of our team here at Top Drawer, including posters, cards, fashion, mugs, pillows and bags – all adorned with an artistic image and/or message. Half of the proceeds go to charity and the other half go back to the artist. Now how’s that for feel-good giving?

Our team, particularly the artists involved, believes that giving gifts and enacting social change are not mutually exclusive activities. Creative Director Rachael Muir, who is also the Chief Curator of The Art of Influence, sees it as an extension of our mission as an agency: to be able to do “good” through the industry we work in.

Creativity together with social/environmental good is a match made in heaven, with as many possibilities as there are talented people and need in this world.

We are proud to support our charitable partners this year: Handicap International, chosen for their socially driven mission, and Environmental Defence for their work to protect the environment.

Because of its philanthropic nature, The Art of Influence is a thoughtful place to shop for corporate gifts as more companies are supporting the “give back” approach. Even if gifting is not in the budget, a simple yet artistic card can be impactful (it’s also one of our best-selling items).

So this year, give a gift that gives back and shop The Art of Influence for social good.

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