Moving On from Ad Blocking

November 5, 2015 by  Brian Gahan

Ad blocking. So that happened.

And it continues to do so. But it’s too late to try and reverse it, so it’s time for our industry to stop panicking and blaming others. Even though our industry is far from perfect, we are not all going to lose our jobs tomorrow.

It’s like the “no junk mail please” sign that so many homes have on their mailboxes, including my own. Whether your environmental conscience wants you to save the forests, or if your reason is simply to remove bad advertising from your (already cluttered) mind space – we have been ad blocking for years.

It’s done. Move on.

We as an agency have been promoting and supporting content marketing for the past four years because the future was obvious to us. We know that brands need to do a better job at getting their content invited into the consumer’s mind space, and that if they want to keep up, brands are going to have to produce more creative and innovative work. If they don’t, then ad blocking is inevitable.

And our job is to help them get better at this, at allocating their resources and at understanding their audiences.

We had this foresight here at Top Drawer because it is a part of our expertise. Our agency specializes in Immersive Consumer Engagement (I.C.E.) helping our clients to better immerse themselves inside the world of the consumer. Knocking on the door with the next ad tech solution or creating intrusive ads and overt self-promotion simply don’t work anymore.

Our partners at Guidestones, who specialize in branded content, have won every award imaginable, including an Emmy for their pioneering work. But they still struggle in the fight to get a seat at the media budget table.

My prediction is that in 2016 content marketing will have an even more substantial stake in the revolution of how brands engage. And by then hopefully the industry has moved on from the panic and blame that has come with the rise of digital ad blocking.

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